In my opinion, reading a book on magic, is probably the second best way to learn magic!

Mark Wilson's Complete Course In Magic
A pretty thick, clearly illustrated book containing all phases of magic. From cards to stage illusions. A great addition to your magic library. It also makes an outstanding gift for your special magician.

How To Do Rope Tricks
Contains 27 features on rope magic, including, tying and untying knots, without letting go of the ends. Also, rope cutting and restoring tricks, rope knotting, color changes, a gambling stunt, a prize winning rope trick, and many others. Clear illustrations.

40 Tricks With A "Hot Rod"
A series of moves and sleights to make your Hotrod routine an even more impressive close-up gem! It contains some very useful material and includes a pretty wild routine. Price:$7.00

50 Tricks With A Thumb Tip
A bunch of tricks using your Thumb Tip. A definate must to go along with your Thumb Tip. This book contains very useful ideas, routines, and insight to the many things you can do with a Thumb Tip. At this price it's a steal! Price:$5.00

75 Tricks With a Svengali Deck
Enhance you routine with a Svengali Deck. Learn sleights, and shuffles that make this deck even more amazing. This book is highly recomended!

75 Tricks With a Stripper Deck
Valuable insight to routines and handling of a Stripper Deck. Many excellent ideas. Easy to follow instructions.



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