Card Magic

The tricks listed below are in no particular order. Please read carefuly.

Cardian Angel
This is an unusual card trick with an amazing ending that will blow away your spectator. You display a Bicycle deck of cards with the famous Rider back design. As you flip through the cards, the angel which is printed on the back, becomes animated. The angel reaches into the air and produces a card with the spectator's name written across the card! It doesn't more personal than this!! VERY VISUAL. Can be performed for females, but NOT using their name.

Chameleon Card Prediction
This one is a reputation maker! A brand new, clever card effect, created by the new, up and coming "Bad Boy Of Magic," Mark Thomas Klink. You fan a blue backed Bicycle deck, to show that it is blue. You then turn the cards over and fan them face up. The spectator picks any card out of the deck, lays it face up on the table. You tell them to turn it face down and it is seen that their card has mysteriously changed, from blue to red. The spectator's card is placed on top of the blue deck. The selected card has a strange effect on the deck, it changed the entire deck red!" The deck is fanned to show, that it is indeed red! EXTREMELY VISUAL. NO SLEIGHTS. NO FORCE. A GREAT 1,2 PUNCH. Comes in red or blue deck. Complete w/instructions.

Haunted Deck
Three members of the audience each choose a card from the deck. As the deck is placed in your outstrtched palm, the top half of the deck mysteriously moves forward. Then it returns to it's original position, leaving a card protruding from the deck. The card is removed and shown to be one of the selected cards. This is repeated with the other two cards. Truly an amazing effect!

3 In 1 Pocket Tricks
This is a small wallet that contains three very easy to do card tricks. Comes with a bonus mental effect.

Card Warp
Two cards are shown. The spectator is given one card which he folds in half width-wise, and face in. The magician folds his card length-wise and face out. The spectator's card is placed around the magician's folded card. The magician's card can be seen sticking upwards and face out. Tapping the card downward, it emerges from the bottom inside out! This is repeated several times. The last time the magician stops th card half way through. The spectator now sees that one end of the card is face out, while the other end is face in! Tearing the cards in half, the magician proves that only the two original cards were used. COMPLETE ROUTINE INCLUDED. COMES IN MANUSCRIPT FORM. USE YOUR OWN CARDS, OR BORROWED CARDS!

Grandfather's Legacy
You saw David Copperfield do a beautiful version of this card effct on national television and it looked great. After showing a deck of cards to be normal on both front and back, you remove the four Aces. The Ace of Spades is placed aside. Three indifferent cards are placed on top of the remaining aces. One by one, the aces vanish from each packet only to appear under the ace of Spades, which has remained in full view the entire performance. BEUTIFUL TO WATCH and EASY TO PERFORM!

Brain Wave Deck
Here is an unexplainable mirracle at it's best! Performer tosses a case containing a full deck of cards on the table. He states, that before leaving home, he turned one card face-up in the pack. He continues by asking anyone to name a card. Performer then moves the cards from the case, runs through them until he comes to one face-up card- which proves to be the very card name by the spectator. Not only is that the only face-up card in the deck, but it's back is a different color.

Svengali Deck
A multitude of effects are made possible with this deck. Every card is shown to be different. Still, you can compel someone to pick the same card every time. Even if the cards are shuffled or cut, they will choose the same card everytime. Still the cards are shown to be different. A second later, ask someone to tap on the deck. Every single card becomes the same card the person selected! A second later, they all turn back to normal. The backs of the cards can be shown too! We can't say enough about the Svengali Deck. Comes with several different routines. you can also get the book, "75 Tricks with a Svengali Deck," in our book department.

Stripper Deck
An unbelievable deck of cards that enable you to perform an incredible amount of card effects. Here are a few.
1. Three different people, each select a card which is replaced in the deck, then shuffled. In less than a second you
are able to find all three cards!
2. Four aces are seperated in the deck. With a quick shuffle they all end up on top!
Very easy to handle. May be handled by your audience. You can also find "75 Tricks with a Stripper Deck," in our book department.

Four invisible cards are placed face down on the table. They are said to be four kings. Using some imaginative by-play, one of the four kings are mentally picked. Four real cards are shown face down. One has a different color back. When it is turned over, it is the chosen card. Here's the kicker ending...the other cards are now turned over, and they are blank! A must have, for the card trick fanatic!

Caterpillar Love
Similar to the web, but in a cute almost romantic way. Three cards are shown. They each have the same picture of a cute(sort of dopey looking)caterpillar. As you recite a poem, the cards change to reflect your words. The last change is supposed to show the caterpillar has changed to a beautiful butterfly. Only an empty branch is shown on the cards. You interupt your poem and wonder where he is. Ask the spectator to wave their hand over the cards. When she does, A beautiful butterfly is seen resting on her hand.

Performer displays three cards both front and back. The cards consist of two red tens and a black jack. Each card has a hole punched trough it. The black jack is sandwiched face up in between the two face up tens.A small padlock is placed through the holes of all three cards securing them together. The spectator holds onto the padlock with the cards dangling below. A scarf is draped over the padlock and cards. The magician reaches under the scarf just for a moment. The scarf is removed. The three cards are now spread out while still padlocked. The jack is now face down between the two tens!! The padlock is opened and the jack is handed out for examination. The padlock is not gimmicked in any way. No skill, instant reset, learn it in five minutes. Complete with cards and padlock.

Diminishing Returns
If you saw the Lance Burton television special, then you saw a really nice version of Diminishing Returns. Here's the plot... The spectator names any card in the deck. The magician fans through the cards, pulls the selected card from the deck, and places it on the table. He claims that the selected card is the only regular size card in a miniature deck of cards. His words are suited by his actions as the remainder of the deck is spread out, showing that the deck has become mini in size! The selected card is now replaced in the center of the mini cards. The cards are scooped up and spread out again. The deck is now normal and the selected card has become mini!

Future Foretold
This one is so strong we can't believe it's only $15.00! In fact, it's so good that Doug Henning did this on the Johnny Carson show! We must insist that you buy it...unless you could live without an incredible prediction effect that is ridiculously priced way too low!!! Tell the audience you awoke this morning with a premonition. A premonition so strong you just have to prove it! Toss a deck of cards into your audience. Have the person who catches it come on stage to assist you. Instruct your spectator to remove the cards from the case and then to deal them face up into your hand. Tell her to stop dealing whenever she wants to stop. Upon her stopping, you remove one small envelope from your pocket. From the envelope, you remove one card...the only card that was in the envelope. This card is an exact match of the the lady's freely chosen card! It doesn't get much better than this! Remember, you don't have to touch the deck at all after tossing it out to someone. This one will fool the best of the cardmen! It comes highly recommended!

Princess Card Trick
You saw it on Lance Burton's first television special. It is a classic in card magic. Five face cards are shown. Tell a spectator to just THINK of any one of those cards. As he does, turn the cards face down and remove just one card. When he looks back at the remaining four cards, the one he chose mentally is not among them! Remember - not a word is spoken!

Twisted Sister
This one will blow 'em away! You remove four red and four blue Bicycle cards from a card wallet and place them face down on a table. explain to spectator #1 to choose a pile. Tell her to imagine that they are four Queens and to mentally select one of them. Spectator # 2 does the same with his pile. Now for the magic... Explain that with a snap of your fingers you will cause spectator # 1's Queen to jump into spectator #2's pile and vise-versa and turn face up. Snap your fingers - spread the cards in both piles - and sure enough that is exactly what has happened. Your spectators are puzzled. You further prove what you said to be true by now showing the backs of the selected Queens. In the blue pile - the selected Queen is red. In the red pile - the selected Queen is blue. Your spectators are shocked. Next, you explain the real real magic is knowing which two Queens they were going to select. Turn the remaining cards in each pile over.... AND THEY ARE ALL JOKERS!!! your spectators are blown away!!




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