Close Up Magic

I believe that close-up magic, has got to be, one of the best forms of magic. The reason for this is because it's right up in their face. That makes it even more amazing!

Clear View Hot Rod
An amazing effect using a clear plastic rod embedded with colored rhinestones. The magician shows both sides of the rod to have six different color rhinestones. The spectator chooses a color. Then all of a sudden, all of the stones change to the selected color on both sides! The magician then passes the rod through his fist and the rod emerges to show all of the stones are back to normal!
Many variations are possible. Comes with instructions, basic routine, and handling. For some more great ideas with the rod, make sure you get "40 Tricks With A Hot Rod!"

Multiplying Sponge Balls
One red sponge ball multiplies into four. This set is ideal for the beginner as well as the close up artist. Use the balls for your favorite sponge ball routine!
Comes complete with instructions.

Scotch and Soda
A US Half Dollar and an English Half Penny are given to a spectator to hold behind her back. She's told to place one coin in each hand. Her hands are brought back to the front, still closed, and the magician predicts which hand contains the US Half Dollar. Whether the magician is right or wrong, when the spectator opens her other hand, the English Half Penny, has turned into a quarter! The best part is that the magic happens right in their hand! The coins can be examined as much as the spectator wants. They won't find a thing!
You will always use this.

Famous Dime Penny
Two coins are shown, a dime and a penny. The magician holds a tall drinking glass sideways. Place the two coins on the inside of the glass, near the rim. The coins are actually inside the glass! Slowly, the magician turns the glass upright and the dime magically penetrates the bottom of the glass! Only the penny is left in the glass! Everything is examinable. A great piece of magic for a low price!
Glass not included.

This was performed on The World's Greatest Magic II. A great close up money trick! A one dollar bill is shown on both sides. It is folded into eighths. When unfolded, it's mismade bill which is shown on both sides! The handling is easy.

Nickel to Penny to Dime
A nickel rests on a small plastic dish. It is covered with a lid for a moment. When the lid is removed, the nickel has turned into a penny! It is repeated again, only this time, the penny turns into a dime!
Eveything can be examined. Very easy to do.

Super Coin Game
I got mine in Atlantic City. This was my first professional trick. It's great. A stack of quarters is placed on the table. A polished brass cap is placed ontop of the stack. With the snap of the fingers, the quarters vanish, only to appear under another polised brass cap.
You can place the quarters in your hand, place one of the caps over the stack, lift the cap, and your quarters have turned to pennies! A great coin trick. Very easy to do. Has my recommendation!

One & Five Bill Trick
A one dollar bill is out into the spectator's hand. It magically and instantly changes places with a five dollar bill held in the magician's hand. Powerful magic because it happens in their hand!

Nickels To Dimes
A stack of four nickels are shown. A polished brass cap is placed over the nickels for a moment. When it's lifted, the nickels have turned into four dimes. Everything is examinable. Very easy to do.

Wonder Pen-A-Tration
Borrow A dollar bill from a spectator. Have them sign it. Take a pen and ram it through the center of the bill. They can actually see the pen going throught the bill, at all angles! Rip it across the bill. Pause for a moment, then show the bill to be perfectly unharmed! Ram the pen through again. This time a little closer to the end. Have the spectator hold the bill by the ends as pull the pen right up through the hole you just created. The hole is instantly gone! They are left holding the bill.
Immediately examinable! Comes with a bonus effect- "Super X"- where a penny instantly turns into a dime without any cover!

Floating Match
I own one of these gems. It's a great "WOW!" prop!
A wooden match is placed on top of a playing card. The match visibly rises off of the card! Another playing card is passed under, over, and on the sides. There is nothing supporting this match! The match slowly floats back down to the card. The match maybe, not only examined, but it can be borrowed! Any small object may be used. Such as a toothpick, paper match...etc.
Highly recommended. Very easy to do.

Quarter Squeeze
Four quarters are placed in a tube stopped by a center piece of brass. One by one, they pass through the tube into the spectator's hand. A very nice penetration.

Invisible Quarters
Take out a deck of cards. You're about to do a card trick, but last minute you change your mind. Instead, you tell 'em you're going to do a coin trick - with an invisible coin! Remove an invisible coin from your pocket. Have someone examine it. Pick up the deck of you had just a moment ago and place a small glass on top. Tell your volunteer to place the coin on top of the glass. Your about to do an amazing thing... you're going to cause the coin to penetrate the glass! As you tap the pretend coin, your audience sees a real quarter materialize from nowhere and become trapped under the glass! You can remove the coin and instantly repeat this! The effect is self working and strong!

Quarter House
Give two pieces of metal piping to someone to examine. They fit together in the center, forming a longer tube about 4" tall. Before they are joined together, a half dollar is placed between them. This prevents anything from from falling through. Next, show four quarters. They are dropped inside the tube from the top. One by one, they each penetrate the half dollar and fall through the other side! Here's what you'll like... the quarters can be borrowed; the half dollar can be borrowed; the metal tubes can be examined both before and after the effect. This is perplexing, commercial, and fun to do.

Lethal Tender
Introduce a black wallet. On one side there is a playing card. On the other side there are two coins; a half dollar, and a Chinese coin with a hole going through it. Remove the card and lay it on the table. Ask someone to select one of the coins. Say they pick the half dollar. Remove it from the wallet. Place the closed wallet in the person's hand with the half on top. They can feel the Chinese coin inside. Take the playing card and tap the half with it. Instantly, the half turns into a Chinese coin. When the spectator opens the wallet, they will see the half dollar inside. An incredible change done in their hand!

Dollar X
A penny is placed in the spectator's palm. You expain that you will cause a pen to penetrate the penny. As you take the pen and tap the penny, it instantly changes to a dime. Really cool! Your audience will think so too!


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