Duck Bucket
A beautiful wooden bucket is shown to be completely empty. The lid is replaced. The magician makes a magical gesture, then opens the lid. Out comes doves, or rabbits! You can use any small animal you want.
The bucket is extremely well made, and extremely deceptive. You will use this great illusion.
12" Medium...Price:$500.00
16" Large...Price:$600.00

(Substitution Trunk)

One of the best illusions you can buy. Created by one of the masters...Harry Houdini!
The magician is handcuffed, sealed inside a cloth bag. He is then locked into a trunk. The assistant stands on top of the trunk, and pulls up a large curtain, which for a moment covers everything. When the curtain falls to the floor, the magician is now standing on top of the trunk! The trunk is unlocked, the bag is untied, and there inside the trunk, is the assistant, wearing the cuffs and all!
This trunk will accommodate a small or large size person. It is uniquely decorated with hand forged solid steel straps for a heart stopping appearance.

Metamorphosis Accessories
Curtain Front...$100.00
Curtain Square...$250.00
Satin Bag...$100.00

The Doll House
An amazing way to produce your assistant! A miniature doll house is displayed. It rests on a small thin platform. All sides of the house are shown. The front of the house is opened to reveal its inside. It is empty except for some small doll house furniture and a doll. The furniture is removed;the front of the house closed. All of a sudden, your assistant springs up through the roof of the house! Your incredible magic has turned the doll into a real live person!

Twister Illusion
Your assistant steps into a small cabinet. The small box on top of the cabinet contains her head. The mid portion contains her mid portion. The bottom is open, allowing her legs to be seen throughout. As the music starts, you turn the crank on the side of the head box. Her head turns rapidly at a 360 degree rotation. I forgot to mention, her face can be seen throughout! After winding her up - you open the cabinet door...and there she is...her body is all twisted just like a rag doll! Close the door - rotate the crank backwards - open the door - and your lady steps out perfectly normal.

And Then There Was Light
A tall brightly painted box [same size and shape of phone booth] is seen on a steel scaffolding. Your assistant walks up the ramp with a "trouble" light, and shows the inside of the box completely empty. The front door is closed. A bright light is seen through the cracks at the top of the box. A bright band of light moves down, elevator fashion, the bottom of the box, at which point the light is seen to go out. After approximately one second of darkness in the box, the entire box becomes very brightly illuminated. [All of the preceding is seen through the cracks of the box only]. The front door then bursts open and crashes to the floor! The sides of the box fall open to a 60 degree angle. As the fog settles, strongly backlit by a bank of flood lights, you appear and begin to walk down the ramp to center stage. A great way to begin your performance. [Fog machine not included]

Sawing A Woman In Half (The thin model!)
Your assistant enters a box - barely large enough to contain her, which rests on a very thin table. Her feet are secured in place with wooden stocks. The lid is closed. A small door on the front of the box is opened to reveal her arm. Her feet are seen protruding from the end of the box. The saw-o-death is brought out on stage. You proceed to do the unthinkable.You first insert two blades through the center of the box - and your assistant. Then you take the saw-o-death and proceed to saw right through the center of the box! The two halves are now separated. Your able assistant is able to move all of her body parts; her head turns and smiles, her arm and hand wave, and yes, her feet though separated, still move and wiggle! The box is put together, the blades removed, the lid opened, and your assistant steps out unharmed - a whole person again! Price:$4000.00

The Backdrop System
If you've ever been a touring magician, you will immediately realize what a gift this backdrop system is. If you've ever performed on a gym floor, you will also appreciate the benefits of your own portable stage. The system is complete in every way. It breaks down to a manageable size which could easily fit into a station wagon. Its sturdy construction turns a gymnasium or open floor into a stage. Easy rear access allows you to strike or set props out of view of your audience. It permits "quick escapes" and "floating" effects, formerly impossible on a gym floor. The backdrop system provides a backstage area. It improves and controls sight lines. Custom artwork of your choice on all four panels. Some artwork and curtain material may result in a higher price. Please inquire at time of order.

Aluminum Milk Can Escape
A large old fashioned type milk can is filled with water. The performer enters the can, causing water to overflow onto the stage. He asks the audience to hold their breath along with him to see how long they can hold out. One final breath and the magician submerges himself into the milk can.The lid, which has several heavy duty clasps, is locked down with padlocks. A small curtain goes up around the can. It's just large enough in diameter to fit around it. The countdown begins.... 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds... some of the audience members give up holding their breath. 50 seconds, 55 seconds, 1 minute... the last of the audience gives up. Carry this as far as you want to go - the suspense is what makes this an incredible escape. Finally, as the spectators begin to worry that the show may come to a very abrupt ending, the curtains fall, and there is the magician sitting atop the milk can, soak and wet, but he alive! Curtain not included.




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