Children's Magic

These are tricks that are sure to entertain children of all ages! Even adults are sure to be entertained with these!

Fraidy Cat Rabbit
The kids will love this classic. You show a frame with two doors and a plaque with a black rabbit on it. Slide the plaque into the frame. Turn the frame around and the rabbit is shown to have changed to white. This is repeated as the kids demand to see the other side of the plaque. They scream, "Turn it around!" You turn it upside down! They scream, "No! The other way!" You turn it sideways! This goes on until you or the parents can't take it anymore! Finally, you turn the plaque around and they see the backside of the black rabbit. The frame is shown completely empty!
The props are nicely made. The trick is easy and fun to perform!

Magic Coloring Book
You can't go wrong with a magical coloring book for the kids! As you flip through a coloring book, everyone can see that you haven't had time to color in the pictures due to your busy schedule, of course! You close the book, utter your favorite magic words, and lo and behold, the pages are all filled with color! The kids love this! Combine it with the Appearing and Vanishing Crayons and you will have yourself a very cute and entertaining routine.

Vanishing Crayons
Show a full box of crayons to the kids. Cover it with a silk. Remove the silk and the crayons have all vanished without a trace!

Appearing Crayons
After having done the Magic Coloring Book, you roll the book into a tube. With a wave of your magic wand, crayons pour out from the rolled up coloring book.

Koala Bear Bar
It's the same effect as the Acrobatic Silks, only a really cute and adorable Koala Bear hangs from one of three ropes attached to a bar. You claim the bear will magically jump from the end rope to the other end rope. You pass the bar behind your back - and sure enough, the bear jumped. The kids are not impressed. They scream that you just turned the bar around behind your back. Show them again and they scream even louder. Finally, prove to them it's magic - one last time behind the back, and the bear jumps to the middle rope! NOW, they're impressed! This trick works on an entirely different method than Acrobatic Silks. It's very well made! You can remove the bear and replace it with a silk, a watch, a ring, or anything that you think will work with your style of presentation!

Popsy Ballon
This is one cool effect that you will be happy you purchased. It's very visual and audible. Four mini wands rest stand on a wooden platform. Each is a different color. Mounted in the center of the platform is a wooden balloon tree. It holds four round balloons. Each balloon matches the color of the mini wands. While your back is turned, a spectator selects one of the colored mini wands. He shows it to the audience and then replaces it. You now ask your audience to concentrate on the chosen color. All of a sudden - BANG!- POW! The balloon that matches the color of the freely chosen wand bursts! How it pops is equally puzzling. An alternative ending is for the other three balloons to suddenly burst, leaving only the chosen color in tact for you to give to your helper as a souvenir. It's easy to do and self contained. No sleights or skill required. Only your ample showmanship as a really terrific entertainer!

Broken & Restored Wand
As your helper comes on stage to assist you, he is handed a sturdy solid magic wand. The moment he takes it from your hand, it falls limp - just dangling in his hand. You offer to fix it - and you do. As he takes it from your hand, it collapses again! The kids love it!




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