Mental Magic

Mental magic is probably the one of the strangest, amazing, and strongest forms of magic. The reason is because it seems that everything is done completely with the mind!

One of the greatest and most affordable book tests on the market from Larry Becker. Even if you don't do mental magic - YOU WILL WANT THIS! The method used is so simplistic you will not be able to figure it out! A guest is invited to choose a book from two paperback novels. They can examine the book from cover to cover and they won't find anything wrong with either book. They choose a word from any page in the book. You don't even know the page number - but you do reveal the word they selected! This can be repeated over and over again. No forcing, counting, writing, short or long pages, stooges, or anything else! NO NOTHING! Just plain and simple mind reading at its best! Complete with a couple of great routines. I keep these books on my coffee table. When company stops by, I'm ready for them! Never ceases to produce great response!

Mental Epic
This is great because you can theme it for kids or adults and get an amazing response from both! You show a small blackboard marked off into six equal squares. You make three predictions in the top three spaces and cover them each with a cardboard square. The selections from the audience are written on the bottom three squares. The topics for the predictions can be anything you want. Colors, numbers, words, names, places, dates, shapes, and a playing card. You can make it as entertaining as you like. Getting back to the effect... You uncover your predictions one by one, and each one is a dead match! It seems impossible, but it happens 100% of the time. It is foolproof. It is easy. It can be yours. It should be yours!




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