Other Magical Items

This is the section where you will find magic items that really have no specific catagory, but was too awsome to leave out. These are really good effects. So, don't count them out of your act!

Miracle Matchbox
A cool close up effect! It opens itself. It turns over. It seems to come to life right in your hand!

Mysterious Match Boxes
This one is cooool! What one box does, the other will do. Open one, the other opens. Or, open one and the other closes. Lots of different presentations are possible.

Dollar To Match Box
The match box is a Diamond Box and matches the other Match Box effects. A dollar bill is shown and it turns into a match box. Now, you can verify the worth of the box by having it do acrobatic stunts!

Bill To Matches
This is good close-up. Take a dollar bill from your pocket. It's shown on both sides. Then, fold it in half, and in half, and in half again. Before the audience realizes what has happened, the bill turns into a pack of matches. Very commercial.

Quarter Go
Add this to your collectible showcase of treasures. Buy it 'cause it's really inexpensive! A nicely made small wooden box that will vanish a quarter, ring, or anything that will fit inside it. Get 'em while they last - they are imported!

Incredible Traffic Light
Two clear plastic sleeves are seen to be holding two black plastic cards. One card is blank on both sides. The other has a red, green, and yellow mylar circle - looking something like a traffic light. The cards are taken out from their sleeves and the black card is given to the spectator. Ask the spectator what they do at a red light. Then ask them what they do at a yellow light. When they say "go" at the green light, that's exactly what happens. The green mylar circle "goes" from your card to their card! When they turn over the card they have been holding, it now has the green circle. The green circle on your card is gone! Easy to do!




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