Parlor Magic

Besides close up and stage magic, parlor magic probably ranks up there with the most impossible effects!

Cups & Balls
This set of cups is one of the most beautiful set I have seen so far. It consists of three cups spun from fine wood, and hand knit balls. You'l love the way these feel. You'll love the way they look. You'll love the way they sound. You'll just love 'em!
They will add class to your performance, and when you don't use them they are very beautiful just to show 'em off!

Wooden Ball and Vase
A beautiful wooden vase is shown. The lid is removed and inside is a red wooden ball. The ball is removed and the lid is replaced. The ball is passed from hand to hand, when it suddenly vanishes in mid air. (Use your favorite method.) With empty hands you remove the lid, and there inside the vase is the little red wooden ball.
Your audience will love this trick.

Steel Ball and Tube
A steel ball and metal tube is shown and examined. The ball is placed on top of the tube where it rests, because it's diameter is larger than the tube. At your command, the ball slowly sinks into the tube, then rises back to the top. When the spectator tries, they fail to do it, because the ball is too large. The ball can be made to vanish and appear on top of the tube!
Made to last a lifetime.

The Thumb Tip
I f you don't what this is, you need to study magic a little more.
We also sell "50 Tricks with a Thumb Tip," in our book section.
Teen Size...$5.00
Adult Size...$6.00

Crystal Silk Cylinder
This one is a beautiful stage production/transformation effect that will get attention. An attractive cylinder rests on a small, black, wooden base. It's removed and shown empty. It covers another identical, only slightly smaller, cylinder which is also shown empty. When it is removed, you show a transparent cylinder that is empty as well. Inside this cylinder you put several silks. Place back both outer cylinders - a wave of your hand - and when you remove them, you now have several plastic balls - the same color as the silks! You're limited only by your imagination. Put in empty candy wrappers and have them turn into a large tube of candy - a great give away for the end of your kids show! Put in pastel colored silks and have them turn into Easter eggs. Put in shredded paper and them them turn into business cards.

New Age Glass
This is one extremely cool trick that is several effects in one. Imagine standing in front of your audience holding a CHAMPAGNE GLASS when suddenly you cover the glass with a silk handkerchief or just wave your hand over the glass and POW! The glass is now full of CHAMPAGNE! Now, without cover, you turn the pale champagne into sparkling red wine! Cover the glass again for a moment and all your sparkling wine disappears without a trace! Routine #2! With the same glass, instead of using champagne or liquid, now you use SMOKE! Show an empty glass and produce a glass full of smoke! Then turn the smoke magically red and make it vanish! At the end of your routine just put the glass down in full view. Nothing to worry about. Everything is self contained and foolproof.

My Favorite Rope Trick
[Professor's Nightmare]

A definite classic in magic! Three different ropes are shown. A short, medium, and long rope. The ends of the ropes are brought together and as they are pulled apart, All three ropes are now equal in length! They can each be shown separately. As the ends are brought back together again, they go back to their original sizes - short, medium, and long. They can be examined both before and after.

Color Changing Silk
A blue silk is shown. As it runs through your hand it instantly changes to a red silk. If desired it can be changed back. Self contained, this works like MAGIC. Very easy to do.

Crystal Cut Milk Pitcher
Magician pours a pitcher of milk into a paper cone. You can see the contents of the pitcher empty. On his command, the milk vanishes from the paper cone. It is unraveled and shown to be completely dry. Lots of variations are possible with this classic magic prop.

Patriotic Ropes
Three lengths of rope are shown - red, white, and blue. They are knotted together at the ends. Suddenly, the ropes become one long rope! Yes, a tricolored length of rope - red, white, and blue! Hand the rope out for examination. It's a great piece for any show!

Blooming Flower
Performer plucks a flower from its stem and drops it in a hat. The stem visibly blossoms again and again! This piece of apparatus will magically produce a seemingly endless supply of flowers. Suitable for parlor or stage and even some close up situations. Delightful to watch.

Drooping Flowers
A cute interlude to any magic or clown act! A long stemmed flower droops at the command of the magician. Lots of uses. Combine it with the Blooming Flower for a nice routine.

Chinese Sticks
Two Chinese magic wands are displayed. Each has a cord with a tassel on its end. They are held together at their ends. When a tassel from one wand is pulled down, the other tassel mysteriously rises up! This is demonstrated several times. After a while, audience thinks they are connected.This is played off as the magician widely separates the wands by putting one under his arm. Still, when one tassel is pulled down - the other rises up! Nice and easy.

Squaring The Circle
Everyone knows that squaring a circle is a mathematical impossibility, but not to the magician. He shows a polished metal circle and instantly and visibly it changes into a gleaming square. It has to be seen to be believed. The change is so sudden and startling that the audience will gasp in amazement. I once saw a dove worker who used this in his act. He produced a dove which appeared in the center of the circle, or hoop, as I thought it was. He spun the hoop around several times with the bird sitting atop it. As he flicked the dove from the hoop, the hoop turned to a square. It was most unexpected.

Rope To Hanky
A length of rope is shown. Quicker than you can blink it turns into a red scarf. Very easy to do. Great for the beginner. Price:$9.50

Vanishing Wand To Silks
By: Fantasio

A solid wand is held between the magician's hands. In an instant, it turns into two silk handkerchiefs. A top quality item. [silks not included.]

One Hand Pickleover Bag
A beautiful change bag made from sturdy 3/8's thick Birch wood. Sewn in plush velvet. Perfect for vanishes and changes. Even if the spectator handles the bag, they will not discover the secret.

Zip-Rip-Gone Bag
A silk, or whatever go into the bag. The bag is RIPPED apart - then ZIP! - the silk, or whatever is gone!

Acrobatic Silks
A bar with three silks attached to it is shown. The odd color silk hangs from one side of the bar. You explain that magically, you'll cause the odd silk to jump to the other side. You pass the bar behind your back. Lo and behold the silk is now on the other side! Your audience is not impressed. They scream that all you did was turn the bar around while it was behind your back. Actually, that's all you really did! Drag this out as long as your audience will let you. Finally, to prove your magical powers, you tug quickly at the silks, and right before their eyes - the odd colored silk is now in the center! All is examinable.

Silk Blow Tube
A very pretty effect! Three different color silks are given out to the audience. One at a time they are given back to and place inside a clear tube. They are visible at all times. Take the tube to your lips and blow them out the other side. As they fall from the air, they are NOW ALL TIED TOGETHER. Silks are included.

The Bulka Tube
Just one of the many effects with the Buka Tube... A red silk is shown in a clear tube. A second tube is placed over the clear tube and the red silk is pulled out and vanished. The clear tube is shown empty. The second tube is placed over the clear tube and the silk reappears. Again the clear tube is shown empty. Now, three shot glasses with red, green, and yellow water are poured into the previously shown empty tube. Both tubes are taken from the base and the water is poured out. Now for the climax... a dry red, green, and yellow silk are poured out, and the tubes are again shown empty!




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