Magic Sets For Kids

These are magic sets designed just for kids. They are designed to make it easy for kids to learn magic. So, if you have a kid interested in magic, you can't afford to pass these up!


Kits and tricks contain small parts - NOT recommended for children under the age of 7 years!

Adams' Amazing Magic Set
This set contains 10 magic tricks, a mustache to dress up your act, and a small booklet called "101 Magic Tricks". The tricks include Penetration Cups [Cups & Balls in plastic], Multiplying Rabbits, Shell Trick, Coin Catcher [produce coins from the air], Phantom Cards [3 cards disappear], Vanishing Quarter, Pop Bottle Trick[water defies gravity], Two Card Monte [2 cards switch places], Jumping Star [a paddle trick]. Makes a great Christmas gift for the kids!

Marshall Brodien Magic Show
This kit contains 12 magic tricks - all of which are time tested classics. The contents include: Ink to Water, Sword Coin Box, Mystic Coin Catcher, Unbelievable Cup, Coins Thru Hand, Paddle Trick, Water Suspension, Glass Suspension, X-ray Color Box, Vanishing Quarter, Cups & Balls, and Floating Device. You also receive a booklet of 100 Magic Tricks.
Makes a great gift or a great introduction to the world of magic for the little ones!




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