Videos may be the best learning tool that I've ran across so far. Because of their visual, one-on-one instructions, they make learning magic as easy as pushing the play button on your VCR!

Beginner's Tony Hassini
Learn how to do magic with things you have at home. Such as, cards, coins, dice, paper, ropes and many other small objects found around your home. You can do this right after wiewing!

Money Tony Hassini
Within minutes of viewing this tape you'll be doing money tricks that will make your head spin! You will cahnge blank pieces of paper into real US Currency. You will be making coins appear and disappear.
You'll be taught, step-by-step, a selection of money tricks.

Card Tony Hassini
You'll learn some really cool card tricks as well as how to make your own props. You'll be taught basic sleight of hand, enabling you to control the selection of a card. Easy to understand!

You can order these individualy or get all 3 for just $79.00

Jeff McBride Art Of Card Manipulation Videos
These are incredibly strong videos on card manipulation. They are taught to you by one of the best card artists in the world - JEFF MCBRIDE. Each video teaches a series of different moves that will help you master the art of card manipulation. A lot of hard work and thought went into the long awaited making of these tapes. Well worth the price, you will not regret this purchase.
Price:$35.00 each
If purchased individually, please specify #1, #2, or #3.

Now U C It Video
You'll receive is a well produced video, a detailed booklet, and that special something that is invisible to the spectators. The gimmick will help you vanish a coin without a trace. It will help to produce a coin after showing the back and front of both hands. and it will do a whole lot more! Highly recommended!




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